Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Death to Mafia Wars on Facebook

Ok, so this is my first time blogging. It has a sorta "Dear Diary" to it. I can work with this.

I just finished my Anatomy and Physiology seminar. I have to say I'm not very thrilled with it. I like the fact that the Professor is tough but there's just something about the class that doesn't seem to flow. Should that even be an issue? I mean it's really all about getting the work done but if I'm not comfortable being in class, wouldn't that affect me? The seminar also ends at 11pm, which is a little too late for me being that sometimes I have a hard time sleeping and I have to get up at 5:30 am to make sure my hubby and kids get up for work and school. I'm a stay at home mom so I can easily rest when I get back from taking the kids to school but I'd rather just get started on what needs to be done. Afterwards, if I have time, then I'll rest; maybe even put on a movie. That also depends on how I slept the night before.

How personal can you get with these blogs? I'm actually feeling a little upset right now. I have Facebook, and for all of you that have it know that sometimes it can get addicting. I've already been through the FB addiction so now I just go on, check my messages, talk to my family and sign off. If I'm bored I might go back on at some point. As far as the games, sometimes I'll play and sometimes I won't. Stick with me, I promise to go somewhere with this. :) Here's the thing, my husband is a Facebook/Mafia Wars/Family Feud addict and it's driving me crazy. He works a regular 9 to 5 job but being that his commute is about 6 hours a day, I try to not to say too much about it because it's part of his down time. The bad thing about it is when I need to talk to him, sometimes he'll look at the time and say, "Hold on. I have to do a job in Japan". REALLY??? Is that really necessary?

Last night I told him to watch 30 mintues of a movie I was watching. It was getting late but he was watching TV anyway. Well, he rolled over and said he had to go to bed. A few minutes later, after receiving a phone call from my mother, he took the opportunity to turn his laptop back on. I ask him what he's was doing since he was tired and he said, " I'm checking my bank account". I thought he was going to check our bank statement but when I looked, it was the bank account from Mafia Wars. "God, give me the strength not to pull my hair out"! Laugh now, but this is serious! One day I will go insane and it'll be all FB's fault.

This was pretty fun and I feel a little better! Thanks! :) See you guys next time!

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