Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finally....Time for me!

I had been planning my girls birthday party for two months. We finally had the party on Saturday. Let me just start off my saying, I'm so glad it's over. Now I can focus on school and get my work in on time.

It was an amazing party. The reason why we starting so early is because we had two parts to the party. We had a party at a place called, "The Rain Forest Cafe" with our close friends and family, and then a BBQ at home with more family and some of their friends. It was hectic Friday night trying to get everything ready. Saturday I was in bed by 1am and up by 5:45 am. I was exhausted but I had some final touches to take care of that included picking up the rental chairs, balloons, and cake. Then there was the whole process of picking up family at the train station. All of our family members live in NY and NJ while we're living in CT. Most of them have no cars. Finally, after getting all my babies dressed and hair done, I had to run after my hubby to make sure he had everything he needed (God forbid I don't help lol). By the time I was ready, we were about 15 minutes late. The host at the restaurant was really nice about it. She completely understood because she also has 4 kids (little did she know it wasn't them at all lol).

After a fantastic lunch of Salmon, summer veggies and an amazing Lava Cake (a warm brownie with ice cream), we went back home and got ready for our BBQ. We drank, ate some more and the girls opened up their presents. They walked up to my husband and I and thanked us with lots of hugs and kisses. They were so thrilled with everything we'd done for them. They said it was the best birthday ever! My husband and I were so happy to hear that until we are we going to top this next year????? Uh oh!!! lol Mike, my hubby, said he quits lol.

So in conclusion, I am already starting to plan for next year so that all this running around to tie loose ends doesn't happen again. lol


  1. Hi Celeste,
    It sounds like you all had a very nice time at the party and the pre-party. How old are your girls? I have four girls and one son, so I know how hectic life can be.
    You asked about starting a garden. Well, let me tell you I have the same problem as you. I kill everything I grow. Not on purpose of course! But the easiest veggies to grow would be zucchini and probably tomatoes. Cucumbers are pretty easy to but then you need to make a trellis for them. It's not hard to make a trellis it is just one more necessary step. And, being that you're a mother of four girls I realize sometimes that one extra step just makes it all seem too impossible!

  2. Hi Celeste,
    Sounds like you had a lot to do and a very hectic schedule. I am glad in the end everything worked out and everyone had a good time. I always try to get things done ahead of time although we all know that it does not always happen that way.

  3. Thanks you guys and thanks for the tip Kathleen. I honestly don't have the time to garden. Maybe once I'm done with school, I'll give it a try. lol. Thanks! I had a blast for my birthday. :)